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Everybody Wants Some

This is the latest Richard Linklater film. The time of life is 1980, and Jake has scored a baseball scholarship and is heading to his freshman year in college. The film takes place over the 3 days between the time he checks into the baseball house and the first day of classes. Linklater has an interesting formula that he makes work so well: Capture an era exactly, meticulous in every detail – the music, dress, expressions, and in this case, the bongs; create dialog that resonates with those of us who came of age during that era; and overlay an awesome soundtrack. The music was great – there were so many music styles during that time, including disco (Saturday Night Fever and Urban Cowboy varieties), new wave, hard rock, and punk, and Linklater found the right music to capture the experiences of a different kind of crowd. While the party jock crowd is not one I was part of during my first year of college, parts of the film resonated with my own experiences. The acting overall was surprisingly good, considering I did not recognize any of the actors from previous movies. Thumbs up for a movie that lacked the breadth and depth of Dazed and Confused (a masterpiece of 1970’s zeitgeist) but still delivers a solid Linklater examination of late adolescence and transition. (2016; 3.5 stars)

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