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Green Room

Four 20-somethings in a punk rock band from the East Coast are on a tour that is not turning out so well; the last gig got botched and netted them about 6.00 each. Mohawk-guy tells them there is another gig just outside of Portland Oregon that will pay 350.00. They play, get paid, and go back to retrieve a cell phone and witness the murder of a girl. They and the girl’s best friend find themselves trapped in the green room. Think “Cabin in the Woods” or “Evil Dead” where the bad guys are not evil spirits or slashers but the leader of a white supremacy group (played by Patrick Stewart). This is a really good film that adds something new and unique to the horror genre, in the same way that “Cabin” and “Evil Dead” did (maybe not quite as effectively). The acting is really great overall, but Patrick Stewart is fantastic and an excellent choice (kind of reminded me of Ben Kingsley’s turn in “Sexy Beast”), and Imogene Poots as the best friend of the girl and Anton Yelchin as one of the band members are especially good. There are a lot of plot twists and turns; the cinematography gives it a very real-life feel, and the writing is taut. Thumbs up from me for a movie that I don’t think is as good as the director’s previous, Blue Ruin, but is still really suspenseful and intriguing horror genre cinema. If you are not into horror films, don’t go, but if you are, definitely add this to your list of movies to see. (2016; 4 stars)

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