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Captain America: Civil War

Captain America: The Civil War.  The film opens with governmental agents demonstrating how the Avengers appear to have been creating collateral damage that is hurting their reputation; the agent suggests that the Avengers come under government oversight. A rift develops when Tony Stark – Ironman – sides with the government, and Steve Rogers (Captain America) decides that they can be most effective if they go off on their own free from government oversight. Bucky, Steve’s best friend, is back in the spotlight as one of the winter soldiers who had been injected with a serum that renders them nearly indestructible.  I enjoyed the film a lot, with its rather serious and relevant themes about the forces that cause division, the power of unity of purpose, and the questions about the role of government. While I was thinking early on, “oh no, Bucky again, let’s wrap this one up”, the move became rather fun with lots of action and the gathering of a number of other super heroes recruited to fortify the two Avenger factions (some of those scenes are hilarious). Thumbs up from me (and from Reyle) – we both had similar reactions that the film felt a bit too long but also had its grand action sequences as well as several scenes that were really funny. If I read the credits correctly, Bucky will factor again into the next sequel. (2016; 3.5 stars)

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