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The Family Fang

Baxter (Jason Bateman) and Annie (Nicole Kidman) are brother and sister raised by two very unusual parents who developed a reputation for creating public spectacles that involved the children and filming them as art. Their parents suddenly disappear, and it is not clear whether they are staging another show or whether the disappearance is the result of foul play. I really enjoyed this movie; the story presents a very unusual kind of family dysfunction. I could never figure out whether to be in awe of what the parents were doing or horrified. Bateman and Kidman give great performances as they slowly begin to uncover what has truly happened. Christopher Walken and Maryann Plunkett do a wonderful job playing truly odd parents. Thumbs up from me for a movie that is about family dysfunction but also gets you thinking about the question of what is art. Jason Bateman, who directed the film as well, is really a truly talented storyteller. (2016; 4 stars)

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