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George Clooney plays Lee Gates, who stars in his own financial advice show, “Money Monster”, and Julia Roberts is Patty, his director. During one episode of the show, Kyle, played by Jack O’Connell, sneaks into the back stage and onto the set, where he takes Lee hostage and forces him to don an explosive vest. On a previous episode, Lee told the public that they should buy stock in a company that ultimately lost 800M dollars, and Kyle lost his life savings. The movie is the story about the standoff as well as the uncovering of what happened to the 800M. I enjoyed the movie. There were some things that went well: The acting by Clooney, Roberts, and O’Connell was really good; it is timely because of the story and the growing distrust of corporate America; and it points out how much of what happens in the media is treated by the public as “show”. There are some really good scenes – one scene when Kyle is talking with his girlfriend is especially intense, sad, enlightening, and devastating all at the same time. There were also some moments of unexpected humor. However, the way the film uncovered what happened to the 800M was too easy and quick. In the end, I think that it could have been a much better and more gripping film, but my aunt Jeannette and I both enjoyed it. Thumbs up from here.  (2016; 3.5 stars)

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