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Kate Beckinsale plays Lady Susan Vernon, recently widowed and who has a daughter Frederica. After Lady Susan’s husband passes, she goes to stay with her in-laws; ultimately her daughter, who is in school joins her there. The story is about how Lady Susan tries to find husbands for herself and her daughter. The movie is a really fun and funny period piece that takes place in a world full of wealth and beautiful people. It is well acted; Kate Beckinsale is fantastic, as is Tom Bennet, who plays a very silly Sir James Martin. Thumbs up for a movie that is delightful and pleasant; even all of the characters are mostly easy to follow because of the way they are introduced at various points in the movie. This is a great date-night movie, chick flick, and just all around fun movie if you are looking for something to watch that isn’t too heady. (2016; 4 Stars)

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