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The Shallows

Nancy (played by Blake Lively) is a surfer who, after her surfing partner stands her up due to not feeling well (likely a hangover), ventures out to surf by herself on a secret beach in Mexico. The guy who drives her to the beach does not answer her question about its name.  Only a couple of hundred feet offshore, Nancy finds herself trying to protect herself from a great white shark who swims between her and the shore. This sharks seems to be intent on getting her before Nancy can get to the shore, and Nancy is pretty smart herself …

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Finding Dory (3D)

This film opens with Dory, who has serious short term memory issues (since she was a baby fish), losing contact with her parents. She was taken in by Nemo and his father, and when Dory starts to get brief flashes of memory of her parents, she decides to set out to find them. The movie overall is a lot of fun – Ellen Degeneres is really great as Dory (as she was in the original Nemo film), and the other voice characters are really well suited for their roles; the list reflects a lot of really great TV and film …

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Dheepan (French, English Subtitles)

Dheepan is a soldier in Sri Lanka who is tired of fighting a war that his side isn’t winning and that doesn’t have an end in sight. In order to leave the country, he finds Yalini, who assumes the role as his wife; Yalini searches the camp and finds Illayaal, a girl of about 9 years who assumes the role of daughter. As a “family”, the three of them can now emigrate as refugees, and they end up in Paris. The film tells the story about their experiences as immigrants. This is a really wonderful movie with a very compelling …

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The Lobster

Colin Farrell plays David, who is recently divorced and has checked into a hotel that has its sole purpose to pair people. Those who do not couple within 45 days turn into an animal of their choice (David chooses to be a lobster, because he loves the sea, lobsters live to 100, and they are fertile for their entire lives). Ultimately he escapes and joins the Loners, a group of people who are completely “happy” being single (and who the hotel guess shoot with stun guns on regular hunts). This movie is very, very strange, and I loved it. It …

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