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Dheepan (French, English Subtitles)

Dheepan is a soldier in Sri Lanka who is tired of fighting a war that his side isn’t winning and that doesn’t have an end in sight. In order to leave the country, he finds Yalini, who assumes the role as his wife; Yalini searches the camp and finds Illayaal, a girl of about 9 years who assumes the role of daughter. As a “family”, the three of them can now emigrate as refugees, and they end up in Paris. The film tells the story about their experiences as immigrants. This is a really wonderful movie with a very compelling story to tell about the “human” side of the immigrant experience. I loved the way the director tells the story of the impact of violence and the uncertainty that underlays their experience on their relationships with each other. The acting by these three family members is incredible. Big thumbs up for a very powerful film that is suspenseful, emotional, and very contemporary. If you have seen A Prophet, the director’s previous film, you will likely also enjoy this one. (2015; 4.5 stars)

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