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Finding Dory (3D)

This film opens with Dory, who has serious short term memory issues (since she was a baby fish), losing contact with her parents. She was taken in by Nemo and his father, and when Dory starts to get brief flashes of memory of her parents, she decides to set out to find them. The movie overall is a lot of fun – Ellen Degeneres is really great as Dory (as she was in the original Nemo film), and the other voice characters are really well suited for their roles; the list reflects a lot of really great TV and film actors and actresses, including Sigourney Weaver, who has kind of a funny part in the movie). The film is pretty overall is funny, and we laughed during most of it. Lizzy and I both went to see it; she had already seen it but not in 3D, and she liked it as much as the first time she saw it. We did not think that the 3D did much in this movie – I was actually kind of disappointed in this aspect of the film. But big thumbs up from us for a move that is a really wonderful story about the power of family and friends. I personally don’t think it quite lives up to the original Nemo (Dory is not really a prequel or sequel, but rather just a move that finds another way to have the “finding” be the main theme of the story). (2016; 4 stars)

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