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The Shallows

Nancy (played by Blake Lively) is a surfer who, after her surfing partner stands her up due to not feeling well (likely a hangover), ventures out to surf by herself on a secret beach in Mexico. The guy who drives her to the beach does not answer her question about its name.  Only a couple of hundred feet offshore, Nancy finds herself trying to protect herself from a great white shark who swims between her and the shore. This sharks seems to be intent on getting her before Nancy can get to the shore, and Nancy is pretty smart herself and finds ways to match wits with the shark. I thought it was a bit campy (but not enough to make it a really great horror movie); she and the shark soon appear to have something personal going on between them. While there were some rather goofy parts to the script, the script in total is pretty tight and offers a lot of suspense (with some scenes that literally made us jump a bit in our seats). Blake Lively is an interesting actress, and she actually turns in a pretty good performance. So, overall, this gets a thumbs up from here. If you enjoy movies like Jaws, this one would be one to put on your list.  Reyle and I went to see this, and overall, we both found it entertaining.

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