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Melissa McCarthy, Kristen Wigg, Kate McKinnon, and Leslie Jones reprise the roles made famous by the original Ghostbusters. The movie essentially redoes the original with an all-female crew (except for Chris Hemsworth, who plays a very funny secretary). While the movie didn’t seem to add much to the original, I still found it to be very silly fun, mostly because of the women (and Chris Hemsworth) who made the team fresh and funny. It was also fun to see several of the old crew appear in cameo roles. Thumbs up from me for a movie that could have been more …

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Eddie the Eagle

Eddie the Eagle: Taron Edgerton plays Michael “Eddie” Edwards, who always wanted to go to the Olympics. After washing of downhill skiing, Eddie ends up entering the Calgary 1988 Olympics as a ski jumper from Britain. The movie is about his story, which is described as being inspired by true events. The movie is full of clichés that seem to be pulled from similar movies, but the overall story is really quite inspiring and is about following your dreams and pushing yourself to be better even when you have a lot of powerful people who are trying to get in …

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Secret Life of Pets (3D)

This movie is about the shenanigans of a group of pets that happen once the owners leave the house for a day. Max is a dog who adores his owner, and one day, she brings home Duke, a big oaf of a dog who tries to take over the owner’s affections but isn’t quite successful. But both find themselves captured by animal control officers, and their adventure begins. They end up in the sewers, the animal “underworld”, while all of their neighborhood pet friends rally together to find Max and Duke. Secret Life of Pets is a really fun (and …

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Hunt for the Wilderpeople

Ricky (Julian Dennison) is a kid who has been in one foster home after another and lands at the home of Bella and Hec (Sam Neill), an older couple who live on the edge of the bush. Ricky starts to get settled in when Bella suddenly dies. Ricky doesn’t want to go to another foster home, and he and Hec (who don’t really get along very well) find themselves the object of a manhunt as they escape into the bush. The story is about the relationship that evolves between the two. I loved the movie for several reasons. There is …

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Swiss Army Man

At the beginning of the film, Hank (Paul Dano) is stranded on a deserted island and is about ready to hang himself when he discovers a body (Manny, played by Daniel Radcliffe) washed up on the shore. The movie is about Hank and Manny’s adventure as Hank tries to find his way back home. This film is really difficult to describe, so I won’t really try to describe anything about the story. It is an interesting cross between Bill and Ted’s Excellent Adventure, coming of age, “One Hour Photo”, “Mulholland Drive” and “Castaway” movies, (where Manny is Wilson) – well, …

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