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Secret Life of Pets (3D)

This movie is about the shenanigans of a group of pets that happen once the owners leave the house for a day. Max is a dog who adores his owner, and one day, she brings home Duke, a big oaf of a dog who tries to take over the owner’s affections but isn’t quite successful. But both find themselves captured by animal control officers, and their adventure begins. They end up in the sewers, the animal “underworld”, while all of their neighborhood pet friends rally together to find Max and Duke. Secret Life of Pets is a really fun (and many times hilariously funny) movie. The writers capture a lot of the stereotypical nuances of pets and their owners. The voice characters as a group are really great, and the music is really quite interesting. There are a lot of really great sight gags as well as enough humor to please kids and adults alike. There were also some really wacky-funny scenes, including one involving sausages. Lizzy and Reyle and I went to see this one, and we all came away really enjoying it. Thumbs up from here for a movie that isn’t perfect but is very entertaining.

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