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Eddie the Eagle

Eddie the Eagle: Taron Edgerton plays Michael “Eddie” Edwards, who always wanted to go to the Olympics. After washing of downhill skiing, Eddie ends up entering the Calgary 1988 Olympics as a ski jumper from Britain. The movie is about his story, which is described as being inspired by true events. The movie is full of clichés that seem to be pulled from similar movies, but the overall story is really quite inspiring and is about following your dreams and pushing yourself to be better even when you have a lot of powerful people who are trying to get in your way. Taron Edgerton is great as Eddie (it was hard to believe that this is the same guy who played the young man in The Kingsmen). We watched the movie with the kids and everyone really enjoyed it. Thumbs up from here for a really good family film that is charming and has a lot of heart behind it.

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