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Steve Gleason played football for the New Orleans Saints for 8 years and then retired. Not long after retiring, he was diagnosed with ALS. Right around the same time of the diagnosis, he and his wife Michel discover that she is pregnant. Steve wanted to work with a documentarian to film the progression of his disease, and he also wanted to create a video journal that would be a story for his son. The film is stunning. It provides a very “up close and personal” view into the toll the disease takes on his body and ways that it affects …

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Sausage Party

I don’t even know where to go with this one. Think Pixar, then leave it to Seth Rogan to think about what Toy Story could be, in that ever-creative mind of his, if you exchanged toys for food, toss in some big questions about God and then turned up the raunch factor as high as possible. You end up with Sausage Party. How could a movie that is just so incredibly stupid be so ridiculously funny? Glad you asked, but it still baffles me. The movie starts off with a Disney-like music number that is loaded with four-letter words and …

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Captain Fantastic

Viggo Mortensen plays Ben, a father of 6 kids who live and have been raised their entire lives in the wilderness with minimal connection to current culture. The kids are all home schooled and learn wilderness survival skills as part of their curriculum. When their mom dies, the family makes a road trip to the funeral and confronts head-on the culture Ben has tried to avoid. I found a lot to like about it – it is a solid movie about the power of family; the acting performances are solid, especially by Mortensen; and the film does provide some commentary …

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Don’t Think Twice

Six friends are part of an improv comedy group that has been performing together, and their goal is to get discovered by Weekend Live either as comedians or writers. One of the members of the troupe gets an audition and gets picked up by weekend live. The film is about how that event affects the group and its individual members. This is a really funny and touching film that gives interesting insight into improv comedy, how each of its members work together as a team, and how friendship provides resilience in rough times. It is directed by Mike Birbiglia, who …

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