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Don’t Think Twice

Six friends are part of an improv comedy group that has been performing together, and their goal is to get discovered by Weekend Live either as comedians or writers. One of the members of the troupe gets an audition and gets picked up by weekend live. The film is about how that event affects the group and its individual members. This is a really funny and touching film that gives interesting insight into improv comedy, how each of its members work together as a team, and how friendship provides resilience in rough times. It is directed by Mike Birbiglia, who also directed “Sleepwalk with Me”, an autobiographical account of a comedian who is stalled in his career, and is produced by Ira Glass of This American Life. Big thumbs up (from me, and my friend Gladys who also really enjoyed it) for a movie that is frequently hysterically funny but also very moving. I found some similarities to “Big Chill”. (2016; 4.5 stars)

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