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Sausage Party

I don’t even know where to go with this one. Think Pixar, then leave it to Seth Rogan to think about what Toy Story could be, in that ever-creative mind of his, if you exchanged toys for food, toss in some big questions about God and then turned up the raunch factor as high as possible. You end up with Sausage Party. How could a movie that is just so incredibly stupid be so ridiculously funny? Glad you asked, but it still baffles me. The movie starts off with a Disney-like music number that is loaded with four-letter words and sexual innuendos; then we move to a dialogue between Frank (a frankfurter) and Brenda (a bun) who are in love and really want to go the next step in their relationship. The 4th of July is coming, and they both feel that, once they are picked up and go out the supermarket door to the light, they will be able to consummate their love. However, Frank learns about what really happens outside the door (4th of July bar-b-ques) from a jar of returned honey mustard and finds a way to liberate the food. There are a lot of references to religion and sex galore (is it okay to touch tips rather than insert frankfurter into bun?) As silly as the premise is, the movie actually works. It is very, very funny; the actors chosen to do the voice-overs are perfect; and the food characters – well, they are hard to describe, and you just have to see it. I definitely give it a thumbs up, but with a very careful caveat that this movie won’t appeal to everyone. If you like the occasional movie featuring a lot of raunchy and offensive humor and can just let yourself go for 1 hour and 20 minutes, go see it at the end of a long week when you need a good laugh. Otherwise, I would skip this one. It is one animated movie that is definitely NOT family friendly.

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