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Don’t Breathe

3 young kids break into houses and steal “things” (not cash) and sell them to shady characters for money. The father of one of them, Alex, runs a security firm that gives Alex and his friends access to people’s alarm codes. One day, they learn about a house in which a blind man lives alone; he is one of Alex’s father’s clients and also purportedly has a lot of cash from a settlement. One night, they all go over to get the cash and run, and let’s just say that they picked the wrong guy to mess with. The film is short at 88 minutes, and there isn’t a whole lot of dialogue, but the movie is incredibly suspenseful and moves at a very fast pace. And it is just really creepy – the blind man is about as twisted (and surprising) a villain as they get. There are a lot of plot twists – one of them is particularly bizarre – that keep adding more depth to the story. I noticed on the credits that Sam Raimi produced this – his “signature” of keeping the suspense going till the very end, and continuing to give you more when you thought you had seen as much as there was to give – is there. Thumbs up from me on this one that is a bit of a mix of the Evil Dead movies, the Green Room, and Silence of the Lambs rolled into one engrossing package. If you aren’t into this genre of films, definitely skip it, but if you are, then definitely go see it. (2016; 3.5 stars)

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