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Morris From America

13-year-old Morris (Markees Christmas) and his father Curtis (Craig Robinson) recently moved in Heidelberg, Germany, where Curtis is a soccer coach. Kind of an outcast, Morris meets 15-year-old Katrin who takes an interest in him. The film is a coming of age story that takes a somewhat different approach t the genre: Morris is Black and transplanted to Europe and living with his widowed father. I liked the film. The acting is wonderful, especially by Markees Christmas, who I think has never had an acting role. He transforms Morris into and awkward but loveable teenager struggling to fit in. The film addresses topics of racism, father-son relationships, the struggle by father and son to fit into the new culture, and the challenges of being a single parent to a teenager.  Thumbs up for a sweet movie that is lacks depth but still tells a very interesting and endearing story.

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