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Tom Hanks plays Sully, the captain who successfully landed a US Airways jet, whose engines were crippled by a sudden flock of birds, in the Hudson River in 2009. It is a great story to bring to film; much of the film surrounded the subsequent investigation of the crash and the early allegations that he could have landed his aircraft safely at either LaGuardia or an airport in New Jersey. I thought it was a good film, but not great, mostly because of Tom Hanks; he seems here, as in other movies like Castaway and Captain Phillips, to really inhabit the psychology of his character. Hanks did a wonderful job. As a movie, however, I felt like Eastwood was struggling to figure out how to fill up 90 minutes of the movie. There were two separate parts of the movie that worked really well – the crash and the inquiry scenes. Each probably could have made a better movie if treated separately. But thumbs up for an inspiring movie about an inspiring man, even if the film itself felt somewhat lacking.

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