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About half way through the film, the director interviews an astrophysicist who describes the situation of two particles with equal and opposite momentum; act on one, and the result, regardless of how far apart the particles are, is the same effect from the second particle. That kind of sums up this movie by Kirsten Johnson, a cameraperson who has worked on a number of films spanning a 20+ year career. She puts together scenes from several of those movies to form a very unusual documentary. It is a wonderful film that works on several levels. It is about filmmaking and creativity and how separate and unrelated stories can be brought together to create a different and meaningful narrative; it also is about the engagement of the filmmaker in the stories she is filming. The film is at least partly autobiographical and serves as a summary of a career. And, the movie will probably have a lot of different meanings to different people, but one story I followed was how, regardless of location in the world, we are all connected by things we share – life, love, loss, suffering, and suffering from the cruelties of war.  Big thumbs up from me – I loved just looking at the beautiful filming and the ability of the filmmaker to bring us directly into the emotional reality of the subject in spite of the narrative that did not seem to have an organizing principle. The movie probably will be of most interest to those who love photography and film.


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