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The Magnificent 7

Remake of an old western that has been updated to include a pretty diverse “7” with Denzel Washington playing Chisolm. Emma from Rose Creek enlists the aide Chisolm to avenge the death of her husband by Bogue (Peter Sarsgaard), a rich miner who essentially “owns” the town. After agreeing to take the job, Chisholm assembles a group of gun slingers to carry out the task. Overall, I thought it was entertaining; it was fun to see Denzel Washington as a gunslinger, and the cinematography and the score are both great. Some parts don’t work terribly well – while the 7 were racially and ethnically diverse in this version, giving it a more contemporary feel, there isn’t much character development. I thought the best part of the film was Peter Sarsgaard; he played a really despicable Bogue who oozed the worst of capitalistic greed in a rather unforgettable stretch of the movie near the end. I saw this with my aunt, and she liked it but thought it rather violent, and I agree with her. So thumbs up from here for a move that is modestly entertaining but doesn’t present much new or innovative in the westerns genre. If you liked the old westerns and don’t mind some extra violence, you’ll probably enjoy the movie.

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