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Deepwater Horizon

Based on a true story about the explosion of the Deepwater Horizon, an oil rig in the Gulf of Mexico, which resulted in the worst oil disaster in US history. The film was about the explosion and those who helped save many of the people trapped on the rig. While I did not dislike the movie – in fact, I found some of the special effects to be quite mesmerizing – the story itself left me feeling rather disappointed. There is not a lot of background about how the explosion happened – that part of the story seemed to be focused on blaming BP for being money hungry capitalists who prize profit over safety (I am sure this was part of it, but I also believe that these things are more complex than we know). There is not a lot of character depth. Some of the parts of the film felt a bit corny to me – the attention grabbers sprinkled in the beginning that warn you that something bad is about to happen; the disaster movie music; and the several shots of the American flag flying strong with the huge flames as a backdrop. I give it a very modest thumbs up because of its being based on a true story and the special effects. This would have made a much better documentary or as a really well-developed movie that investigated more of the root cause as well as the impact that the 87-day oil spill had on the region.

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