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Hacksaw Ridge

Andrew Garfield plays Desmond Doss, a conscientious objector who enlisted in the Army as a medic and refused to carry a gun for religious reasons (he was a Seventh Day Adventist). During the battle at Okinawa, he rescued 75 wounded soldiers single-handedly and delivered them to safety. While the first half sets up the character study, the second half contains some of the most brutal battle scenes I have seen in any war movie. I absolutely loved the movie. I found Doss’ courage and his steadfastness of conviction awe inspiring. Andrew Garfield, who I really like as an actor, was the perfect choice for the role and is excellent (Vince Vaughn, who plays his sergeant, is also really good). I love it when I can see a film that really moves me and demonstrates the power that can come from one’s faith and conviction. The brutality of the war scenes served to make even more apparent Doss’ heroism. Huge thumbs up from me (and aunt Jeannette Gilbert who said it is the best movie she has seen this year so far). It definitely is among my favorites and one that I am sure I will see again. If you can tolerate violent scenes of war, I strongly recommend the film.

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