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A Man Called Ove (Swedish with subtitles)

Ove is an old curmudgeon who lives by himself in an apartment complex. He spends his days making patrols of the grounds of the association to ensure that everyone is following all of the rules – not mixing recyclables, locking car garages, not driving on the main thoroughfare through the complex. Through these morning rounds, he manages to alienate everyone who lives there. Daily, he visits the grave of his wife. One day, a sequence of events, starting with the flattening of his mailbox by the new tenants, a Persian woman, her Swedish husband, and their two children. Through the course of the film, the story of his life unfolds and intertwines with the present. I loved the movie. The man who played Ove is excellent, and the screenplay is expertly written in such a way that alternates between being very funny, sad, and beautiful. Big thumbs up for a film that is a very sweet love story that also cherishes the value of friendship.

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