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Before the Flood (Available on Youtube)

Leonardo DiCaprio, climate change ambassador to the United Nations, guides us on a journey of discovery about the impact of climate change. While there have been a few really good climate change movies, I think what separates this one is he takes us on a journey around the globe and shows us the impact climate change is having.  He also engages a number of climate change experts, local citizens, politicians, entrepreneurs, and others in conversation about the how this issue is impacting them personally and professionally. The film also has a wonderful score by Trent Reznor and several of his collaborators. Thumbs up for a documentary that doesn’t add much to what we have seen before, but DiCaprio guides us with him on a journey of discovery and then in the end brings it together with a sense of urgency.  There is also hope, as the film shows what individual citizens and entire countries are doing and can do to help slow the progress of the effects of climate change.

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