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Trolls are a delicacy for the Bergans: By eating trolls, the Bergans can experience happiness, and their custom involves eating a troll at each Trollstice. However, one year, the old Chef is tossed out of Bergan kingdom because the trolls she captured for the feast had escaped, resulting in a year of unhappiness for the Bergans. When the Princess troll, daughter of the King, throws a party, she gives away their location, and the now bitter chef scoops them up and tries to regain her status in the Bergan lands. Overall, the move was good; there is a lot of fun music throughout the film, and it plays out just like a musical – every now and then, the trolls break out into song to tell their stories. There is a good message here also about the origins of happiness inside of each of us. Lizzy gave her stamp of approval, so thumbs up for a move that probably would not appeal to kids older than around 12 or 13 (although it does have some occasional bits of humor for the adults) – I can’t imagine a teenager being interested in trolls that fart glitter and poop cupcakes. But for the younger kids, it is goofy, silly, musical fun (as evidenced by the kids behind us in the theater who were laughing and singing and echoing the troll dialog).

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