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Burn Country

Dominic Rains plays Osman, a fixer – someone who translates and performs other duties for journalists – from Afghanistan who has sought asylum in the US. He is staying with the mother (played by Melissa Leo) of one of the people for whom he served as fixer. Osman takes a job as a local police blogger and befriends Lindsay (James Franco) who finds himself in trouble. The movie is a head-scratcher. It has an interesting premise – man comes from a war culture into a backwoods Northern CA community that seems to have its own rules. The people Osman meets up with are mostly very strange – neo-hippies, meth addicts – very insular communities in which people tend to take care of their own. I personally found the movie a bit too strange and lost the point of it during a few parts. On the plus side, it was oddly meszmerizing; the performances were very good, and I just enjoyed the film mostly for the very unusual characters. So, I give this movie a very lukewarm thumbs up; while I found it modestly entertaining, I suspect this one is one that most people could easily miss.

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