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Jessica Chastain plays Miss Sloane, a powerful, results-driven DC lobbyist who one day leaves her employer to work for an organization trying to pass a gun control bill. The movie begins with her testifying on the hill and then weaves back and forth between testimony and the events leading up to the hearing. Jessica Chastain was great to watch and in characteristically excellent form playing this over-driven woman. And I did like the end. However, getting to the end for me was rather torturous. This is essentially a movie that plays into every stereotype that people have of “corrupt DC” by turning those stereotypes into a film that expects us to believe that this is what the “real Washington” is like. It also appeals to the conspiracy theorist crowd pretty well. Include this with of a very heavy handed treatment of gun control, and the result is a film that has a star actress at the helm but just is not very believable. I have to give this a thumbs-down, even though I was glad to see Chastain’s performance; had there been any other actress in the lead, the movie likely would have been a disaster.

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