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The Eagle Huntress

This is a documentary about Aisholpan and her journey to become the first female (and the first female in 12 generations of her family) to become an eagle hunter, which she accomplishes by the time she is 13 years old. This is a wonderful film. The visuals are stunning – the shots of the high plains and mountains of Mongolia are expansive and beautiful to look at. It is a fascinating cultural look into the lives of Aisholpan and her family and the support she gets from them for following her passion. Finally, there is a great message here for everyone, especially kids and particularly young girls, that anything is possible when you follow your heart. It was really fascinating to see how the gender stereotypes play out in the world of eagle hunting. Big thumbs up from me – Denise and I both went to see this and we both thought it was wonderful. It is such an inspiring story.


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