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Train to Busan (Korean, English Subtitles)

For all of you who like Zombie movies, definitely check out this South Korean addition to the genre – you won’t be disappointed! Seok-Woo is a divorced, selfish, self-absorbed stock trader who doesn’t seem to have much time for his daughter, Su-an. Seok-Woo finally gives in and promises to take Su-an on the train to see her mother. At the same time, a strange virus is turning people into zombies, and one of them finds its way on the train to Busan. The rest of the film is about the harrowing train ride to Busan. There were a lot of elements of the story that reminded me of Snowpiercer with its social commentary and setting. There was also one scene in particular that is reminiscent of one of the best scenes in World War Z. The zombies are fast, hungry, and seem to multiply rapidly; there is a lot of suspense and a fair amount of zombie gore, but there is also embedded a story with a lot of heart that shows the broad range of human behavior during a crisis. Big thumbs up from me for a thoughtful and mesmerizing film that isn’t perfect (the social-political aspects could have been amplified), but what it does it does really, really well.


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