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Toni Erdmann (German with English Subtitles):

Winifred lives with his brother and a dog who is very old and completely blind. His mother lives in an assisted living facility, and we find out very soon that he has a daughter from whom he appears to be estranged. After a very awkward visit with his daughter at a party, Winifred suddenly shows up in Bulgaria where his daughter is working in a high-powered job trying to impress a client. The film is a very comical and serious exploration of their relationship. This is one of the funniest German movies I think I have seen. I didn’t want to say too much about the beginning, because those initial scenes are so funny, provide a really interesting twist to what we think we are seeing, and really set up Winifred’s character. I also won’t say how he becomes Toni Erdmann, because that also might give away too much. There is one nude scene that is the funniest I have seen; I could not stop laughing. But in the humor it also is a profound turning point in the relationship between father and daughter. The acting was great, especially by the guy who plays Winifred. Big thumbs up from me for a really funny film – I laughed so much – that is also very heartwarming in its portrayal of the trials and tribulations of the father-daughter relationship.

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