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2017 Oscar Nominated Short Films (Animation)

Each year, the Oscars nominate short films in 3 categories: Animation, Live Action, and Documentary. In the animated films, 4 are very short (about 7-10 minutes), and one is much longer at 30 minutes. In “Borrowed Time”, an old and tired man appears to be wanting to end his life at the edge of a cliff, and through flashbacks, we learn his story. “Piper”, which maximizes pixels to create sandpipers that appear almost real, follows the story of a baby piper who discovers and learns to love the ocean.  “Blind Vaysha” appears visually dark and is the story of a girl who sees only the past in one eye and the future in the other, being blind in the present. “Pear Cider and Cigarettes”, the longer story and my second favorite of the bunch, follows the growing separation between two people who became friends in high school – one is a writer, and the other, Techno, is an athlete who has always lived his life on the edge and becomes an alcoholic. My personal favorite is “Pearl”, which follows a father and his daughter as his daughter grows up. Big thumbs up for a group of films that tell such wonderful stories in such a short amount of time.

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