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2017 Oscar Nominated Short Films (Live Action)

Each year, the Oscars nominate short films in 3 categories: Animation, Live Action, and Documentary. The live action shorts, averaging around 30 minutes each, tell stories that are political, funny, and heartwarming. “Sing” is the story of a girl who is new and told by her music teacher to mouth the words rather than singing the songs to assure another win at the annual children’s chorus competition (the end is wonderful). In “Silent Nights”, a woman who struggles to care for her alcoholic, racist mother falls in love with an immigrant from Ghana. My third favorite, “The Woman and the TGV” is about a woman who waves every morning at the TGV train in Switzerland and begins receiving anonymous notes and gifts as the train passes every day. It is a wonderful story about finding meaning and purpose in older age. Coming in second is “Enemies Within” is a wonderful and tense film about an Algerian living in France who applies for citizenship and is interrogated about his associations with people in a mosque. And finally, my favorite, “Timecode”, a hilarious movie about two people who work at a parking garage. One night, the woman investigates damage to a car on the surveillance film and sees her colleague dancing. What happens after that is funny yet beautiful and touching (and it has a funny ending). Big thumbs up from me for a collection of films from various countries that do as good a job of telling a story as many of the full-length films.

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