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Lights Out

Finally saw this movie from earlier in the year. Sophie (Maria Bello) is mother to Martin (Gabriel Bateman) and Rebecca (Teresa Palmer). At the beginning of the movie, Sophie’s husband (Martin’s father and Rebecca’s stepfather) is killed by some creature – we just see in the dark what appears to be the outline of a woman with long hair. Sophie, who struggles with manic depression, has gone off her medication and is acting strangely. Martin, who is falling asleep at school, tells his sister he was visited by a scary woman named Diana. As Diana stalks the family, her story, and that of Sophie, becomes apparent. The story is psychologically intense, the acting by all is terrific, and there are a lot of spooky sequences and “jump out of your seat” surprises. Thumbs up for a solid horror film that is tight, riveting, and whose story “hangs together” well (even if the character depth isn’t what it could be). For those of you who like horror movies, this is a good one.

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