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Tanna (Australian, from the Island of Vanuatu and its people, English Subtitles)

Vanuatu is about 1000 miles from Australia and 500 miles from Fiji. The filmmakers spent several months with the people and filmed a story, based on true events, about two young people, Wasa and Dain, the chief’s grandson, who fall in love and refused to take part in the system of arranged marriages. The movies is about the consequences of that choice. I loved the film. It was beautiful to look at – the cinematography is stunning – and the music is gorgeous. The story also is quite powerful; it is somewhat like a Vanuatu version of Romeo and Juliet. …

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Fire At Sea (Italian, English Subtitles)

This very interesting documentary explores the many facets of life on the island of Lampedusa whose location makes it the place where many refugees fleeing Syria, African, and other countries end up after either arriving under their own power or being rescued at sea. Samuele, 12 years old, is trying to learn the art of seamanship from his father, but he would rather play with his slingshot. The film follows him and his father and the people with whom they have contact. The narrator also follows the impact of the refugee crisis – the many who perish in the journey, …

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Kong: Skull Island

The latest King Kong movie, set in 1973, begins as Bill Randa (played by John Goodman), a government agent, successfully lobbies for a military escort into Skull Island; this island is a place that carries some secret that makes it worth investigating. Samuel Jackson plays Colonel Packard, who clearly doesn’t want the Vietnam war and his career to end. He and his crew lead Randa and his team to the island, where King Kong appears, in addition to several surprises. I was kind of surprised that I found the movie so entertaining.  It has some wonderful actors, including Tom Hiddleston, …

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Get Out

Chris (Daniel Kaluuya) is going to meet the parents of his girlfriend, Rose (Allison Williams). Chris is Black, Rose is White, and in one of the early scenes, he asks if she has told her parents this. She assures him that her parents are okay with it, and of course, her father “would have voted for Obama a third time”. When he gets there, we learn what she really means by that. Chris senses something strange, particularly in the behaviors of the Black help. The film starts off as a take on “Guess Who’s Coming to Dinner”, and then once …

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Last Cab to Darwin (Australian)

This is a wonderful film about Rex, an older man, diagnosed with cancer and with a short time to live, who makes a road trip across Australia to visit a doctor (played by the wonderful Jacki Weaver) who has promised to help clients with assisted suicide. He leaves behind a few drinking buddies and a cantankerous Black woman, Polly, whose story we learn about over the course of the movie. I really enjoyed this film. There are some excellent shots of various parts of Australia, and I felt I was getting to know the continent and its inhabitants as he …

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