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Last Cab to Darwin (Australian)

This is a wonderful film about Rex, an older man, diagnosed with cancer and with a short time to live, who makes a road trip across Australia to visit a doctor (played by the wonderful Jacki Weaver) who has promised to help clients with assisted suicide. He leaves behind a few drinking buddies and a cantankerous Black woman, Polly, whose story we learn about over the course of the movie. I really enjoyed this film. There are some excellent shots of various parts of Australia, and I felt I was getting to know the continent and its inhabitants as he made his way across the country. Rex joins up with a Tilly, a troublemaker in one of the outback towns, and later meets Julie, a nurse, both who join him on the ride to Darwin; the relationship that forms between them is truly special and touching. Big thumbs up from me for a film that tells a wonderful story and has a lot to say about the importance of relationships and the people who make our lives special (even if we don’t exactly know it).

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