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Food Choices

Documentary in which Michal Siewierski, the director, sets out to explore the issues surrounding whole foods, plant-based diets after he successfully makes a switch and undergoes significant health improvements. He interviews authors, cooks, scientists, medical doctors, nutritionists, holistic health doctors, and athletes to get their perspectives on this kind of diet. I really enjoyed the film. It is a great introduction to this way of eating for those who are not familiar, and it answers many of the questions people who don’t know about it have, such as, “how do you get your protein?” and “how can you eat a diet that is so boring?” I was particularly impressed with the stories of world-class athletes who are vegans. Also, Dr. Michael Greger, who is probably one of the smartest doctors around in terms of what he knows about the science of food, was featured quite prominently. Thumbs up for a film that didn’t tell me a lot that I already did not now; however, it is a good movie to keep me motivated and is great for those who might be contemplating such a diet.

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