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This documentary examines the ways that ‘humankind’ profit from animals. It starts out examining 3 levels of existence on the planet – animals, nature, and humankind. The ways in which humans brutalize each other is shown, and the remainder of the movies looks at various industries that exploit animals for our benefit, including food and research. The images are shockingly in-your-face brutal in many cases, and they come from what appear to be undercover cameras bringing to light things that most of us will never see nor can imagine. The film is narrated by Joaquin Phoenix in a very simple and straightforward manner, and the music of Moby plays in the background. The combination of images, music, and narration creates an incredibly profound film that has the power to change the way we think about what we eat and wear. Big thumbs up for a movie that is very difficult to watch (most will not want to watch it) but makes a profound statement and an indelible impact on your consciousness.

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