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Keegan Kuhn directs himself in a documentary investigation of one of the largest contributors to global warming: the farming industry. He discovers information regarding the amount of methane contributed to the atmosphere by farm animals and the amount of water required to produce a pound of meat. He then sets out on an investigation to uncover the truth about why various environmental groups are not reporting this. While I found the narrator rather goofy (and sometimes just plain tedious), his investigation of groups such as Greenpeace and people who do and do not do sustainable farming leads to legitimate claims about the impact of animal-based, protein diets on the environment. Thumbs up for a very informative movie that is rather “surface” in its treatment of the topic but nonetheless provides important food for thought. One of the people Kuhn interviewed summed it up nicely: “You cannot call yourself an environmentalist if you are not vegan”. After watching the movie, I agree.

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