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The Void

The film is advertised as something of a call-back to John Carpenter films, such as the Thing. In the beginning, Officer Carter (Aaron Poole) is killing time on a dark road when somebody crawls out of the woods. Carter rushes the man to the local hospital, which is almost moved to its new location. Things start happening shortly thereafter; very odd beings that look like Ku Klux Clansmen, with triangles where the faces should be, do not come into the hospital but are trying to keep the few people who are there from leaving. The movie zoomed out the gate; it was strange, oddly funny, and suspenseful, but it soon lost its edge. I am not entirely sure I followed what was going on, but there were grotesque creatures doing grotesque things to people with a lot of blood. The story also involved demons and satanic ritual. In the end, I did not really like it very much and didn’t think it was a very good movie (although it is modestly entertaining for the genre). Thus, I give it a thumbs-down. Those who can’t get enough of the bloody movies with gory creatures from the 80’s may like it; I saw enough of them and now prefer to see movies from the genre that provide enough plot twists and updated stories to create edgy and contemporary entertainment.

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