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The Case for Christ

Lee and Leslie are having dinner with their daughter when she starts choking on a piece of food. A nurse who was having dinner saved her; the event caused Leslie to question her lack of belief in Christ. Both parents had been avowed atheists. As Leslie converts, the gulf widens between the Lee and Leslie, and Lee, who is a journalist, begins a journey to prove that the resurrection could not have happened. The movie is based on the book Lee wrote about his personal journey. The director captured a lot of detail about the late 70’s and early 90’s – the music, clothes, men’s hair spray, the cars. While it was slow in places and seemed a bit long to me, there were also some good “takeaway” messages. It was good to see how journalists approach their work by collecting information from many sources prior to reaching a decision. I also think that the movie is a great example how some people reach their spiritual convictions through faith, and others through facts and logic, and that there is value in both approaches. The acting also is good, particularly from Mike Vogel, who plays Lee. Thumbs up from here – my aunt Jeannette and I both liked it. It is not the most exciting “based on a true story” film, and the topic may be a bit controversial for some, but it still tells us something about how we can learn to appreciate each other’s differences. There is one line that I really liked (and I am paraphrasing): “You collect the facts, make a decision, and then write it, right or wrong”. We do the best we can with the information we have – sometimes we make decisions without the ability to have all information clearly in front of us.

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