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Kristen Stewart plays Maureen, who is working for a star named Kyra as a personal shopper; Maureen buys all of Kyra’s clothes and jewelry, updates her laptops, etc. Maureen is also a medium who recently lost a twin brother to a heart condition that she also has; they made a promise that whoever went first, they would contact the other from the afterlife. The movie is about her journey to make that connection. The movie is a clever mixture of horror and mystery genres. The direction is brilliant – the movie twists and turns in rather unexpected ways, and the sudden shifts of scene create a mesmerizing film. Kristen Stewart is incredibly engaging and has probably her best role to date. The cinematography is wonderful – almost every scene is carefully crafted and shot. Big thumbs up from me for a movie that showcases Stewart’s talent and is a great psychological exploration of life after death.

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