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Gloria (Anne Hathaway) is a mess. She is unemployed, drinks and parties too much, and her boyfriend Tim, who is a jerk, finally decides he has had enough and kicks her out of the house. She goes back to Maine to stay in her parent’s empty house that has not rented, and she runs into Oscar, a friend from grade school. Meanwhile, a giant creature invades Seoul, and Gloria discovers that the monster makes the same moves she does. I admit that I had a bit of a hard time with the first third of the movie; I didn’t quite know where it was going. But once the creature started getting more into the picture, the film got very interesting. The movie is a cross between a Godzilla-like monster movie, a romantic comedy, and recovery film; it is about finding one’s own power and determination. The plot is not conventional – just when you think you know what is going on, the story suddenly goes down a different path, and you feel like, “wow, that was really good”. Anne Hathaway does a great job playing someone who is self-absorbed and seems to think the world revolves around her. Thumbs up for a very original and entertaining movie that gives a lot to think about and that has a great ending.

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