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Lost City of Z

Based on a true story of Colonel Percival Fawcett of the British Army who made several expeditions into the Amazon early in the 20th century. He makes his initial expedition at the request of the Army to map the Amazon in the eastern part of Bolivia. On that first trip, he finds evidence of a lost civilization that predates their own. The movie tells the story of his passion and obsession with the jungle. The movie is excellent for several reasons. The cinematography is beautiful. The acting is terrific by all. Charlie Hunnan does great playing a driven, courageous, and complex Percival Fawcett, and Tom Holland plays his son Jack in a beautiful last act of the film. The is also a well-conceived period piece that captures details of the limitations of women in a patriarchal society and what it was like to go against the grain of so many scientists of the time who refused to believe that such an advanced civilization could exist among “savages”. Finally, it is a complex study of one man’s obsession with seeking the truth. Big thumbs up from me for a visually splendid, spiritual, and engaging film. The last third of the movie is truly wonderful.

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