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Marisa Miller Wolfson recruits and follows three people – Brian, Tesla, and Ellen – as they agree to take on a vegan diet for 6 weeks. They are all checked in with Dr. Joel Fuhrman, an MD who is an expert in nutrition. The film is interesting in some respects. It probes many of the questions that those who think about taking on a vegan diet have. It also examines the food industry and its practices of raising and killing animals for food. Also explored are reactions to family and friends and how people who decide to become vegan make it fit into their daily lives. It also highlights a lot of foods – such as Oreos – that are vegan. While it does these things, I found the film overall to be a rather shallow treatment of the issues surrounding the vegan diet lifestyle, and it really does not probe very deeply into the medical benefits. However, I will give it a thumbs up and recommend it for someone who is thinking about becoming a vegan; those who already adopt a similar whole foods plant based diet probably won’t find much new here.

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