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Fate of the Furious

Number 8 of the Fast and the Furious enterprise begins with a customary car race and with Dom (Vin Diesel) having a mysterious encounter with Cipher (Charlize Theron). In the meantime, Hobbs (Dwayne Johnson) gets an assignment for the team in Berlin, and when Dom shows, he turns against his friends. I thought the movie overall was a lot of fun; the premise reminded me a bit of Captain America: Civil War. I loved Charlize Theron’s character – she made Cipher into a heartless, cold-blooded killer. Helen Mirren makes an appearance in a pretty funny scene. I don’t think there is as much action as in the last couple of movies, but the action that is there is over the top. There is a sequence of scenes involving self-driving cars that provide a glimpse into the future that is funny and imaginative – I haven’t seen this done anywhere. There is a Russian submarine chase scene that is also pretty “out there”. Thumbs up from here – Reyle and I both thought it was funny and very entertaining.

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