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Graduation (Romanian with English Subtitles)

Romeo and his wife Sandra live in Romania and do not seem completely happy there. Romeo is a doctor who is having an affair, and Sandra appears to be mostly depressed. Both also appear to be holding it together for the sake of their daughter Eliza. Romeo has invested everything to ensure that Eliza goes to the UK for college, as he wants her to get out of Romania and have a better life. The day before her exams, Eliza is attacked and injured, thus jeopardizing her ability to complete her exams. The film is about the lengths that Romeo will go to ensure that she gets the required score to study at Cambridge. The story is one of morality, but it is also a very deep and rich study of a father’s drive to ensure the success of his child (as well as the consequences of that drive). I was most intrigued by the way the film was made; there is no score at all, and some of the “takes” are so extended that you get drawn into the scenes looking for important hints at what is coming.  The coloring of the film lends it a certain bleakness. There is an almost documentary quality about the film, with the camera following the father and capturing every moment of his day. Thumbs up from me for a film that has a universal theme, is very well-acted and is also technically superior.

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