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Raw (French with English subtitles)

Justine is going off to vet school, just like her father and mother previously and her sister who is also attending. Justine (and the rest of her family) were raised as strict vegetarians. As part of the new student hazing, Justine eats a rabbit kidney, and she and the new students are showered with blood (just like Carrie); this releases her suppressed carnivore. First, she tries to pocket a burger from the lunch line, and her new obsession with raw meat manifests in some rather shocking ways that become apparent as the film progresses. This movie defies a clear genre: Is it horror, or comedy, or drama, or coming of age story? The director blends these genres in a film that is sometimes simultaneously funny and shocking. It is a story of a young girl discovering her own sense of power and sexuality that is raw and intense.  The acting by the two sisters is incredible, and their relationship forms one of the cornerstones of the story. Thumbs up from me for a film that is without question the most unique I have seen this year. My hat is off to Julia Ducournau, the director I will be watching for, for creating such an unusual yet powerful story. This movie won’t appeal to everyone – there are some pretty gruesome and bloody scenes.

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