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I always wondered why it took so long after the DC and Marvel comics movies started taking off for Hollywood to make a movie to follow up on the successful Wonder Woman TV series of the 70’s. And now we have the movie that certainly will launch some sequels. Gal Gadot places Diana / Wonder Woman. After she rescues a British spy Steve Trevor (played by Chris Pine) who wrecks off the beach of the Amazonian’s island, she and Trevor set off so that Diana can kill Aries, the god of war, and Trevor can stop Dr. Poison from killing thousands of people with a lethal gas and allowing the Nazis to win the war. The movie was a lot of fun. Gal Gadot creates an awesome Wonder Woman – simultaneously naïve, beautiful, and a kick-ass superhero. It reminded me of the first Captain America movie, with its beautiful WWII sets and strong good versus evil theme. The movie is also funny – the rag-tag crew Trevor pulls together to find Dr. Poison adds a lot of levity to the movie. Finally, it is a movie that has characters and a story that you can connect with and has goodness at its heart. Big thumbs up for a fun superhero movie that features an awesomely strong woman and was directed by Patty Jenkins (who directed the wonderful Monster several years back). I hope the sequels keep up the spirit of this original.

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