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Captain Underpants

Animated movie based on the book series of the same name. Two kids are best friends – one loves to tell stories and the other to draw cartoons. Between the two of them, they create the Captain Underpants series. One day, their principal has finally had it with the two pranksters and separates them, placing them in different classrooms. Shortly thereafter, they hypnotize him and turn him into Captain Underpants at will. The movie overall is rather silly fun. The animation is very good with intense color and lots of action. The underlying message about friendship really makes the movie much more than just a “toilet humor” movie. Thumbs up for a movie that I am sure is a lot of fun for young kids (Eliza enjoyed it) and has enough of a good story and some laughs that keep us adults entertained along the way. I don’t think this is all ages – I could not imagine a teenager really enjoying this movie.

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